Life-Savours – Vegan/Organic

The Life-Savour, heal up without any artificial flavors or colors, or the gluten and sugars of your average edible! A super healthy base of coconut flour, gluten free oats, organic banana and peanut butter, sweetened with a touch of organic honey. A blend of natures finest health stimulating seeds swim in a cinnamon flavored sea of golden turmeric goodness. They are Vegan, made with organic ingredients, and zero sugar. Finally a top to bottom healthy cannabis edible!

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The Life-Savour!

Every single ingredient in our Vegan/Organic/Gluten free healing wonder is included for its health benefits. From the organic peanut butter and coconut flour base (high in protein, rich in dietary fiber, Vitamin E and anti-oxidants) to the pumpkin, and chia seeds (omega-3 fats, zinc for immune support, anti-inflammatory effects, fiber) as well as hemp hearts (super high in essential fatty acids, linolenic -omega 6 and alpha-linolenic -omega 3) to the zesty cinnamon (protects from heart disease, fights diabetes, lowers cancer risk) and turmeric (anti-inflammatory, lowers risk of brain disease, prevent and even TREAT cancer) these healthy little snacks will pick you up and give you the energy and stamina to face any type of day you may be having! Not to mention they have the healing power of the cannabis plant as the driving force! Life-Savours are a cannabis edible that allows one to medicate in an extremely healthy way, free of gluten, dairy, artificial colors or artificial flavors. Healing the way nature intended.

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Single- THC 100mg pleasant hum, Single- CBD 100mg relaxing and peaceful, Single- THC 200mg pain relief, Single- CBD 200mg very relaxing, Single- THC:CBD 200mg 1:1 restful enjoyment, Single- THC 300mg extra pain relief, Single- CBD 300mg extra healing & sleep, Single- THC:CBD 300mg 1:1 balanced body and mind healing, Single- THC:CBD 300mg 2:1 extra healing, night time


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