Our Mission

Our Mission is to combine potent, healing, cannabis infusions with healthy, delicious recipes to carry them to where rejuvenation will begin, creating legitimate, medicinal edibles.

We believe that Cannabis is one of Mother-Nature’s foremost healers and has boundless positive physical effects on one’s mind, body and soul, and we strive to bring its best  healing properties in its most effective form.

Healthy mind, body and soul. Creating a better quality of life through healthy cannabis edibles, is why we exist.


Home-Baked Methods are Different

Our Whole Flower Infusion

Home-Baked’s premium cannabis WHOLE FLOWER INFUSION method ensures not only every THC or CBD cannabinoid available is used, but also 100% beneficial plant material is incorporated into every morsel to speed healing, not just manage pain.

After much research, we found WHOLE FLOWER CONCENTRATE to retain more of the healing properties and beneficial chemical compounds than any other method of getting cannabis into edible form.

Our dosages are calculated by the amount of whole flower concentrate within each serving, providing full healing properties to the “dis-ease” targeted for repair.

This means that our infusions include all of the 70 different Cannabinoids and 200 plus Terpenes that make the Cannabis plant the miracle healer it is.

Whole flower infusions allow the plants’ terpenes to interact with the Cannabinoids creating the ‘entourage effect’. This can multiply and or modify the potency of THC in some infusions and provide balanced body healing/relaxation and can even reduce the effect of the THC for other applications.

Whole flower infusions also contain many crucial phytochemicals such as Chlorophyll, Cellulose and Lipids. Our Infusion method magnifies the healing effects of cannabis while leaving nothing out. Edibles made with extracts or sprays simply cannot claim this.

Our Substrates

Coconut oil is a superfood that provides seemingly endless health benefits for humans, from promoting healthy digestion to strengthening teeth, bones and the immune system. Coconut oil is also EXTREMELY high in healthy saturated fats and since the beneficial components of the cannabis plant are fat soluble, it makes the perfect substrate for effective cannabis infusions.

All of our infusions also include Lecithin, which not only lowers cholesterol, and improves heart health & digestion, but it also contains phospholipids, which make cannabinoids water soluble, increasing the efficiency and speed of their absorption into the endo-cannabinoid system.

Our Recipes and Ingredients

Because our edibles have been created to heal, our ingredients have been top priority when developing our edible recipes. We NEVER use artificial colors or flavorings. We use premium Organic ingredients to ensure the best taste and quality. We use organic honey in place of cancer friendly and body inflaming sugar.

Proliferation of glyphosate herbicide contamination is found in flours containing gluten; in-other-words….some proteins found in wheat are gut irritants, when our guts are irritated during this cycle, inflammation begins.  This is the main reason we create only GLUTEN-FREE edibles in a STRICTLY gluten-free kitchen.

Because sugars and gluten create inflammation…..STOP the inflammation, START the healing!

Our Taste

Home-Baked Medicinal Edibles have revolutionized the stereo-typical Gluten Free experience.  Something that only tasting is believing!


About The Bakers

A special thanks to my husband who brought Cannabis into my life. For without Cannabis, I would have no life.

My experimental use of cannabis brought with it a noticeable difference of pain relief from a life time of suffering with a chronic digestive disease. The more I used it in different forms, i.e.: edibles, topicals, oils, tinctures, the more I discovered its pain relieving properties as well as countless other benefits.

Because of Cannabis, I am pain free, have a healthy digestive system and it has truly allowed me the freedom to lead a normal life.  The more I began to feel its effects on my pain and the changes it was making to my body, and by also observing my husband successfully manage his chronic pain with the use of Medicinal Cannabis, the more we realized we needed share our stories with others!

We began to find more and more testimonials from people who have had pain disappear, migraines simply vanish, seizures stop, rashes and all sorts of skin maladies discontinue. We discovered that more in depth medical trials are showing positive results when treating AIDS, cancer, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, nausea resulting from chemotherapy, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, epilepsy, insomnia, migraines, arthritis and lack of appetite. The very institutions that have stigmatized, suppressed and banned this plant with such ferocity are now finally having to admit its true nature!

Home-Baked Medicinal Edibles originated because, as a sufferer of a digestive disease, it is imperative that I remain strictly Gluten-Free. Unfortunately to find any Gluten free medical edible options is difficult and to find a variety of delicious Gluten-Free medical edibles that are not full of sugar or color is next to impossible!

Through trial and error we feel we have captured exactly those essential elements: Gourmet, Gluten-Free, Medical Edibles, with a twist….These actually taste good!

For health reasons, our ingredients have been top priority when developing our edible recipes.  When one actually researches everyday consumer products that fill our grocery aisles, you will discover that the largest contributor to disease is in our bodies is packaged up and labeled as “food”.

We are very proud of our relentless search for the most environmentally friendly and health conscious alternatives, for example; we will choose organic over non-organic, vegetable over animal, free run over caged. We will meticulously study the processes that go into making each and every ingredient that we add to our edibles, giving you the best of what we’ve found.

Our values are incorporated into ALL products used in our edibles; including the fact that Home-Baked only uses premium Cannabis Flowers in all our products, thus resulting in a quality edible of medicinal cannabis, inevitably adding to the superiority of our edibles.  We confirm the process in baking our edibles ensures accurate and consistent medicinal dosages.  Home-Baked is proud to use our proven procedure in keeping the infused milligrams of each portion consistent with what they are designed to do; play, relax, rest, heal.

Justifiably we take pride in carefully choosing quality ingredients for each individual recipe and because of this, we have created some of the best Gluten Free medical edibles!  We consistently achieve a quality cannabutter, without the canna taste, meanwhile ensuring nothing of the canna-goodness and canna-medicinal properties are lost during the entire process! Our panel of newbies, seasoned and expert samplers agreed: “nothing more than DELICIOUS; in taste, in body and in mind!”

After not only realizing what this plant has done for us, but being witness to the positive impact it has had on other’s lives, we felt we had no choice but to spread the word and the benefits of Cannabis. To make  educate the uninformed and open the eyes of the disbelievers.

Those in power will not do it for us, we must empower OURSELVES! It is time to heal the world…… cookie at a time!

In Canada where the use of Cannabis for medicinal purposes is legal, more and more doctors are recommending Cannabis to treat chronic diseases and terminal conditions to improve patients overall quality of life.

By looking within our own community, we were quickly developing the clearest sense of the true goodness that lay within this medicinal healer. For locally we found so many that no longer suffer with disease that has quickly become “a part of the human species”. We came face to face with success story, after success story. How can you deny that?

When did it become acceptable to be pharmaceutically medicated, or even live with diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, asthma, insomnia, chronic conditions or even pain?

This is exactly why we feel compelled to share this news with as many people as possible.